Travel and Visas

Fly: Machangulo is just a 20 minutes charter flight from Maputo international airport.

Drive: Alternatively for the adventurous minded with 4×4 off-road and game drive experience, Machangulo is a 6 hour drive from either Maputo or the Kosi Bay border to South Africa. The final part of the drive involves traversing the Maputo Special Reserve.

Boat: Travel by boat from Maputo can sometimes be arranged depending on availability, tides and weather. Please check with our bookings team for latest details.

Our bookings team will be able to assist you with arranging the final details of your travel and arrival at Machangulo.

Citizens of neighbouring countries to Mozambique generally do not require a visa to visit. For most other countries a tourist visa must now be obtained before travelling.

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Climate and Weather

Machangulo lies at a latitude of 26 degrees South of the equator and offers year round holiday weather with sunshine hours consistently averaging nearly 8 hours a day:

November – March: The hot ‘rainy’ season. Afternoon temperatures typically get up above 30C / 86F with nighttime lows of around 21C / 70F. At least a rain shower can be expected in 1 day out of 4 and sometimes it can be quite a downpour. Sea temperature is typically a delightfully pleasant 27C / 80F

April & October: In transition, a nice balance!

May – September: The warm dry season. Afternoon temperatures typically get up to above 25C / 77F with nighttime lows of around 15C / 60F. Only very occasional rain showers. Sea temperature is typically a very comfortable 23C / 73F

Time Zone

Mozambique is in the Central Africa time zone and is 2 hours ahead of GMT, the same as South Africa. There is no seasonal daylight saving adjustment.


Maputo and Machangulo trade in Mozambique Metical (MZN) with US Dollars and South African Rand also widely accepted. ATMs are available at Maputo airport for withdrawals of Metical.

Drinking Water

Machangulo has its own water filtration plant providing all homes with a fresh water supply. Many villas are equipped with additional water purification facilities. If bottled water is preferred it can be delivered as part of the standard food and beverage service.


All properties are designed to accommodate a 220-240v system, plug sockets in most villas are the standard European 2-pin type. Where South African plugs are fitted adapters are available.

Mobile Phone Coverage

Machangulo like most of Africa has GSM coverage including internet data for multi-band mobile phones, but signal strength varies and is often weak in villas that are nestled amongst the coastal dunes. Please note your service provider must have international roaming capabilities.

Computer Services

Guests are free to make use of the boardroom facilities located at the administration offices including the wifi broadband internet access.

Television & Telephones

Many villas are equipped with satellite TV and therefore offer a variety of channels broadcasting news, weather, sports and films are available in your villa including popular channels such as BBC World, CNN and NBC networks. Please check your villa information for further details.

Medical Emergency

Each villa is equipped with first aid facilities and medical and emergency evacuation can be arranged to one of Maputo’s world class hospitals.

Restaurants, Bars and Shopping

Machangulo is charmingly underdeveloped in this respect but a 4×4 drive to the peninsula’s largest village (actually very small) of Santa Maria provides access to a basic restaurant and bar and a very small market in local produce.